GoDaddy Coupons

Twittords, the twitter dictionary, brings you these godaddy coupons for a discount.

TWIT3 : .COM domains for just $7.49 (35% Off)

TWIT20 : 20% off hosting (1 yr or more)

SSL Certificates
TWITSSL : $12.99 for SSL Certificate

Coupons Based on Order Size
TWIT1 : 10% off any order
TWIT2 : $5 off – if order over $30
TWITOFF : $10 off – if order over $40
TWIT15 : 15% off – if order over $75

As twitter is the largest in its industry, GoDaddy is the largest in its industry. They have registered over 30 million domains and are a public company. To find more use this list here and there as you will find updated SSL coupons, Hosting promo codes, auction promo codes and more.

godaddy coupon

Hosting and Registration Company Research
When you are looking for a company for both hosting and domains it makes sense to use the same company. When using the same company you do not have to worry if one of the services has a problem as there will be no finger pointing. In other words both the hosting group and the registrar will have the same incentive to help you get back online Go with a great customer service organization.

CEO Bob Parsons
Take a look at their CEO’s career. What is most interesting about this company is that the CEO is a true entrepreneur. He has had multiple businesses. Many like yourself may be starting a small business. The owner and founder (as well as current chief executive officer) is also a small business person. He has gone through what you have gone through and understands your needs and what drives you. His videos are fun and inspirational with tips you can use. Follow his own personal blog, videos, and take a look at his business rules. An obviously great guy and through his blog he can also be a virtual mentor. That is a company you want to do business with.